Coronavirus , must have Emerged from China ‘s Biosafety Lab

Following the outbreak f coronavirus in China, president, Xi Jinping has expressed need to set up a biosecurity system to prevent similar occurrence in future.

Speaking at a meeting in Bejin, last Friday, Jinping, said “a national system to control biosecurity risk must be put in place to protect people’s health because lab safety is a national security issue.”

Although, the president did not admit that the Wuhan coronavirus, had escaped from one of China’s bioresearch lab, a new directive issued the next day by the country’s Ministry of Science and Technology titled;

“Instruction on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handles advanced virus like the novel Coronavirus,” suggest this is exactly what happened.

It happens that China has only one advanced microbiology laboratory, the lab is located in the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic.

The level 4 lab, called the National biosafety lab that is equipped to handle the novel coronavirus is part of the Wuhan institute of virology.

The people libration army expert in biological warfare, Maj. Gen. Chen Wei, was sent to Wuhan, last January to assist in effort to contain the epidemic.

Chen has been researching coronavirus, Ebola and anthrax since the SARS, outbreak in 2003, READ MORE


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