Hormones are chemical messengers produced by special group of cells called glands; IG, photo.

 Hormones are chemical messengers produced by special group of cells called glands; they stimulate, regulate and control the functions of various tissues and organs.  Chemical messengers are involved in almost all the biological process in the body


There are four (4) hormones which determines moods in man





It is important we understand all four chemical messengers.

Endorphins Hormones

Endorphin hormones are produce when we exercise the body; it helps the body cope with the pains of exercising thereby making us enjoy it.

Laughing is another way of generating endorphins.

We need at least 30 minutes of exercise, reading and watching of funny stuffs to get our day dose of endorphins.

Dopamine Hormone

This is the “Feel Good” hormone.

In our journey of life, we accomplishes many little and great task, this releases various level of this substance.

When we are praised at work, or at home, we feel accomplished and good, because it stimulates the body to release dopamine.

This also explains why must house wives are unhappy; they rarely get appreciated or acknowledged by their spouses. Ones we get a job, we buy a car, build a house, buy the latest gadgets, more houses, so forth.  In each instance, it releases dopamine and we feel good.

Do we realize we can become happy when we shop?


This is release when we do things that benefit others, such as when we give to others or to nature or to the society, we release serotonin.  Even providing useful information on the internet, through blogging, providing answers to peoples question on Facebook or Quora, et al.

Serotonin, is released when we invest our precious time in helping others.


Oxytocin is the hormone we release when we become close to other human beings.

When we hug our friends or relatives, this chemical is released

Similarly, when we shake hands or put our arms around some ones shoulder, various amounts of these oxytocin is released.

Other Hormones That Can Affect Mood

Estrogen: A fall in the level of this female hormone can be detrimental on mood; this is the causes of depression, anxiety and mood swing experienced during period and menopause.

It can increase the level of serotonin and Beta-endorphin the feel good (positive state of mind) hormone and acetylcholine, a substance associated with memory neurotransmitter.

Estrogen helps mains dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine by decreasing levels of  Manoamine oxidase (MAO), the enzyme responsible for inactivating them.

Progesterone: Progesterone Hormone, can also affect mood by making someone feel terribly irritated or angry.


We need to exercise to get endorphins

We have to accomplish little goal to get dopamine

We need to be nice to others t get serotonin

We need to hug our kids, friends and family members to get oxytocin and be happy.











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