Cardi B
cardi B, say she uses cum as her facial routine

A curious fan of Cardi B, on Twitter has asked her to reveal the secret of her smooth face.

The fan asked the singer to tell her the beauty routine, she use to achieve such a beautiful face “drop the skincare routine”, she said.

The celebrity who flaunted a smooth and fresh baby face without make-ups on a live video she tweeted, responded by saying, the secret was “cum”, meaning sperm.

See tweets below


The semen is rich in urea, an organic compound present in urine, it is none toxic and is the main ingredients in hair removers.

Sperm is rich in proteins, which help tighten the skin while adding other minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, including fructose which nourishes and soften the skin.

It is rich in powerful antioxidant called spermine that has been proven to remove winkles and leave skin smooth making you look like a baby.

Cum is also rich in estrogen which is good for the skin

Sperm as a facial skincare routine must be used with care because it contains a high amount of testosterone which can severely dry out the skin or even cause acne.


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