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A team of doctors have been able to bring a dead heart back to life.

In a ground breaking surgery, Medical experts at the Duke University, United State, successfully revived a dead heart for an artificial organ transplant surgery.

The procedure is not new, it has been in use in the United Kingdom since 2009, but was successful for the first time in the United State.

According to NHIS, the success of the operation in the UK is due to their victory over the obstacles to the model

 The success of the program in the United Kingdom can be attributed to the resolution of the apparent legal, ethical and professional obstacles to this model of donation’ NHIS said.

The underpinning principle of the procedure is that donation can on many occasions be legitimately viewed as part of the care that a person might wish to receive at the end of their lives’, the report added.

The medical operation termed ‘Donation-After-Death (DCD), involves the removal of a confirmed dead patients heart.

A team of cardiologist used sophisticated medical science procedures to infuse blood and oxygen into the heart of a dead donor and transplanted it into a live recipient.

Dr.  Jacob Niall Schroder, Director of the  Heart Transplant  Programme  Duke University, tweeted a video of the heart beating after receiving blood and oxygen, however the video was later taken down.

The first DCD heart, in Australia was done in Papworth, on July 14th 2014, Dr. Kumud Dhital

The effectiveness of Donation-after- death heart transplant surgery (DCD), is being question, if the donor was 60 and the recipient was 20, what is the life expectancy of the recipient?




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