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Sexual disorientation is either a psychological or physical issue
Frigidity or sexual disorientation simply means difficulties in getting aroused. In a layman terms, it is the inability to enjoy sex/romance. It signifies low interest in sex.

A frigid person’s interest in sex is usually low, in other words, he/she has low libido or reduce sex drive and is said to be unresponsive or cold as he/she is barely turned on or sexually aroused. This condition leaves a disastrous effect on a relationship since there s no mutual enjoyment between the partners.


Sexual disorientation is either a psychological or physical issue, it can arise from poor communication between a women or her partner, stress, emotional issues that are allowed to interfere with sex, fear and insecurity, religion orientation is not left out.


Physical problems can also cause lack of sexual interest, if you experience pain and discomfort during sex, kindly see a gynecologist.


How to Reduce Frigidity and Boost Your Libido


  • Both partners should go for canceling if frigidity is caused by relationship problems.
  • Engage in regular exercise and yoga
  • Spend time watching erotic movie with your partner
  • Read romantic books
  • Getting enough sleep can also be of help
  • Spas and other mindful exercises can boost your sexual potential
  • Hormonal medicine such as dehydroepiandrosterone(DHEA) can also be used to cure frigidity.







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