Coronavirus Out Break in China

There is an ongoing report that the Nigeria Ministry of Health alleged that it needed #620m (Six hundred and twenty million), to prevent the Wuhan Virus outbreak in the country

According to the report, the county’s Minister of Health made the statement while addressing the Senate committee on health matters.

The Report said Dr. Osagie Ehanire told the gathering that his Ministry has held a meeting and concluded plans to deploy health workers to screen all passengers arriving the country.

The report added that Mr. Osagie said he has already submitted a memo for the release of the needed #620m to take proactive measures to prevent the spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

He advised that, “All persons arriving from China or any country that has a major outbreak, is advised if they have no symptoms at all, to self isolate, meaning that they stay indoors in their homes for at least two weeks.”

International medias, CNN,  BBC,  Aljerzeera,  all put the current death toll from the virus at 600+, with over 3000 inflected.

On Feb, 11th, Daily Mail reported that Professor Gabriel Leung, the head of Public Health Medicine in Hong Kong, told the Guardian, during a visit to London that there were more than 43,000 reported worldwide, with over 1,000 deaths.

Daily Mail, also said, the Dr, Leuteng, said, the “priority was to establish the shape and size of the iceberge.”



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