A recent publication in the journal frontier in Human Neuroscience has claimed that researches have developed a stimulator that can upload information directly into the brain.

According to the publication from HRL laboratory, medical scientist claimed they can feed ‘knowledge directly into the brain and teach new skills in just a few seconds, in a manner they described as “life initiating art”.

Scientist believes it is the first step toward developing advanced software that will make science fiction matrix instant learning style a reality. According to them, they might have found a way of amplifying learning but on a less distinguished scale than in the movie in which the stars learn in just seconds after data is uploaded into the brain.

The electric signals from the brain of trained pilots were studied and the data uploaded on a newbie subjects as they learn how to pilot a plane in realistic flight stimulator.

The subjects received brain stimulation via electrode embedded into head caps and were found to have learned pilot skills and tasks and increase 33% better than control.

The study was built on the basis that when learning something, the brain physically changes, connections are established and strengthened, a phenomena known as Neuroplasticity.

Certain functions of the brain are located in specific positions of the brain, Piloting an aircraft requires coordination of both cognitive and motor performance. As you learn, changes specific to those regions of the brain are targeted.

This method of learning was practiced by the Egyptians 4000years ago, electric fish was used to stimulate and reduce pain.

Investigation into the transfer of knowledge to the brain stared in the 2000s; scientist believes that their system of brain stimulation may eventually be used for learning task such as driving, language and exam preparation.


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