Beer is good for Health
Amsterdam gut bacteriologist identified Belgian beer like the Hoegaarden, as a powerful source of probiotic yeast.
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Scientist in their long quest to increase longevity, have discovered that a particular beverage has the potential to do so.

Our life span is largely determined by what we eat and the kind of exercises we do, those who live a sedentary life and also do not care about what they eat, puts themselves at the risk of health problem and shorter life span.

The secrete of long life is to follow a healthy lifestyle including diets with fruits and vegetables with NHIS recommendation.

However, a new study in Amsterdam has identified a new strain of yeast used in brewing during fermentation process that could hold the secret to longer life.

According to scientists, consuming this strain of yeast is important for health; this lead to the conclusion that drinking beer everyday is good for health.

The researchers found that beer contains health boasting probiotsics that could protect against dementia, obesity and insomnia.

Amsterdam gut bacteriologist identified Belgian beer like the Hoegaarden, as a powerful source of probiotic yeast.

However, a different strain of yeast is used during in-bottle fermentation compared with the one used in more traditionally pulled pints.

This strain of yeast, not only convert sugar into alcohol but all produces acids capable of eliminating very harmful bacteria.

One of the researchers, professor Eric Claasse, was quoted as saying “you are getting a strong beer that is very healthy.

“We don’t want to give people a license to drink more beer in high concentration, alcohol is bad for your gut but if you drink just one of these beers every day, it would be very good for you”.

Westmalle, Triple, Echo Kriekenbier and Hoegarden are some of the best beer rich in healthy probiotics, these brands of beer unlike others are fermented twice, one in the brewery and the other in the bottle.

The second fermentation process increases the strength of the beer giving it a sharper and drier taste,

NHIS, warns that individuals should not exceed 14units a week on a regular basis.

Yoghurt, Kimchi and kefir are some other drink that contains a healthy amount of probiotcs.

Probiotics are also available as supplement; they are believed to restore the natural balance of bacteria in the gut after illness.

According to NHIS, probiotics can help IBS patient by reducing bloating and flatulence.



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