LIt is not good for a pregnant woman to embark on a journey that was not authorized by her doctor,  am expectant mother should endeavor to report her planned travel to her doctor  at least 4 to weeks before she embarks on the journey, this will enable the doctor determine if there are risk associated factors.  If you are pregnant and planning international travel, you should talk to your doctor at least 4 to 6 weeks before your trip to discuss any special precautions or vaccines that you may need. There has been high number of cases of miscarriages during and after travel. 

Hepatitis B:A pregnant woman with Hepatitis B, is most likely to infect her baby during delivery, as such it is importat to see a doctor to determine whether or not she should get Hepatitis B. vaccine. 
Other Vaccines: Some women may need other vaccines before, during, or after they become pregnant. For example, the woman have a history of chronic liver disease, your doctor may recommend the hepatitis A vaccine. 
An expectant mother who work in the laboratory or is visiting a country where she may be exposed to meningococcal disease, may need meningococcal vaccine. 


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